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Posted 3 years ago

Sky Panda makes the “What’s Hot” list in iTunes!

Sky Panda makes the “What’s Hot” list in iTunes! #Corona #Ansca #SkyPanda

Posted 3 years ago
Do you plan on updating Sky Panda for iPhone with Retina Graphics?
stephenheadrick asked

Working with a graphics designer to clean up most the graphics. I’ll be sure to put both hi-def and regular images in the next release!

The android version will continue to have the low res graphics because most android models can’t handle the higher (mostly fps problems).

Any other feature requests?  I’m open to all feedback!



Posted 3 years ago

Sky Panda is now live for iPhone and Android phones

iPhone users can now get Sky Panda!  Here is the link to the game.  It will be a few hours before you can find it directly in itunes.  

For Android devices here is another link

A few people have been asking about the tools i used. You can checkout their sitehere.

If you are looking at creating a game, I would highly recommend their product. 

Mobile app developed with Corona SDK for iOS and Android

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Posted 3 years ago

Photos from latest iphone/droid game Sky Panda

Posted 4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago

Penguin Blast

Some screenshots of a game we pushed today to the Android.

Because this is our first game, our 2d engine (and the game in general) have a few bugs but we’ll keep updating it for those of you who have paid :-)

I’ll post a few screenshots right after this.

You can see the link on appbrain here:


Posted 4 years ago

Copyediting Tip of the Week: A whole nother issue « Copyediting Blog

And here i thought i was just saying it wrong “…the pronoun nother is ancient, going back to Old English

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Finally rooted my droid… fun but total time suck

SS v4.6 working… and i must say i’m digging the flash support (three cheers for motox on a droid!)

Posted 4 years ago

My Node.js Amazon S3 library has been pushed to GitHub

You can get it at http://github.com/nuxusr/Node.js—-Amazon-S3

Supports http 100-connects, progress % on upload/download, md5 signing, streaming, reduced redundancy, and more… from the README:

What this library is good for:

Send files of any size (although S3 is currently limited at 5 gigs)
- file upload and downloads are streamed with a progress event fired during writes.

Minimal memory footprint and very efficient
- Streams files from disk to socket -- using nodes drain/pause/resume to only stream what socket/stream can take

Uses net sockets on PUT requests to support 100 Continue (especially usefull for large files)
- the body is only sent after amazon approves the signed header

Creates MD5 of content (optional)
- ensure your data isn't corrupted during transmission

Supports amazons new REDUCED_REDUNDANCY storage (cheaper but less reliable)
- see unit tests for examples

Supports specifying acl
- see unit tests for examples

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The island on lost

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secunia.com/ security report -- Apple leading with most vulnerabilities.

Just goes to show the misconception people have about apple products being the most secure:  ”Oracle (including Sun Microsystems and BEA Logic) ranked #1 in four out of five years overtaken by Apple in the first half of 2010, with Apple consistently ranking higher than Microsoft. Despite increased investments into the security of their products…”

Posted 4 years ago

RegEx and Html - Stack Overflow

lol, probably the best answer I’ve seen for why you don’t parse html with regex expressions — thanks Mark for the link.

Posted 4 years ago

7z’ing a 40 gigabyte ubuntu vmware image….

and it is taking forever…

Posted 4 years ago

The family on the 4th of July